Note: This page is under construction!

Welcome my! This site is run by me, Mark Hamann, and contains various explanations of my recent projects.

I am an embedded systems engineer living in the Seattle area. I have experience in everything from low level cheap hardware to full blown embedded linux systems. Most of my work has been somewhere in between--processors and RTOS's chosen to meet the minimum requirements at the lowest cost per unit produced.

Selected Recent Projects

Bricologica Bricologica is a project on the back burner. It is a GUI based shell that uses "brics" and "typed pipes" that connect inputs to outputs. It is designed for managing file system information doing what intermediate shell scripts/batch files would do but without requiring users to learn all the esoteric arcana of linux commands.

Z-80 Computer A computer built from scratch using a Z-80. Software and hardware all original design. Used SDCC tool chain and Lattice's ispClassic tools for 4 CPLDs. The development was tracked on a blog.

LALR(1) Parser Generator (C#) An LALR(1) parser generator. This project is still in progress. These pages mostly describe the theory of scanning and parsing.

7 Segment Rainbow Display Just a little project to learn the AVR toolchain. This single page covers the project. It may be of some use to someone using the Adafruit 7 segment RGB display.

Pygments Custom Syntax Highlighter for Jekyll I am not a web developer. My knowledge of python and ruby is not deep. I wanted to use a syntax highlighter for my Z-80 page and I read that Jekyll with pygments would be a good way to do it. But as with all things linux, the truth is messier than the ideal. This project is a description of some of the frustrations I had getting that working.