This blog is now being hosted on–my home site which is brand new after dumping Wordpress and starting to use Jekyll.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on the Z-80. It’s working. I switched over so some other things for a while. I started working on a symbolic debugger for the Z-80 but it is not too far yet. Also, did a 7 segment RGB display project where I used the Arduino to program an AtTiny to change the segments colors.

The purpose of the Z-80 project was to demonstrate to myself that I could still design, build, and troubleshoot low level embedded software, and I accomplished that.

Ideas for extending this project: 1) learn PCB layout and construction and redo with surface mount parts 2) finish the symbolic debugger 3) add VGA video 4) get SD card reader working

But for now, I’m launching my job search to do all this fun stuff while receiving a paycheck….