So, every so often my board decides to stop working. While it’s a problem, solving problems is fun. I did load a new image into the 0 bank that was aggressively optimized. So it could be that. I did reset after loading, but neglected to power cycle. When I turned it on last night, nothing.

So I decided to restore an old image–but the Arduino program wasn’t working. I am having trouble with wire wraps to bare copper wires. So I decided to redo the Arduino connector. I had been meaning to anyway, since I don’t need the Arduino anymore except with this happens. I also wanted to mount an SD card slot for accessing an SD card which could potentially give be a whole chunk of flash depending on if I can drivers to fit. I probably would use as a block addressable device rather than with a file system. Fortunately, linux has a command called “dd” which would let me do that.

Here are pictures of the new sections. The first is the connector with the Arduino already connected with the red wires. It also has the SD card slot.

This is the back. I had to solder the wires to the connector and the insulation is a bit melted, so I’m hoping I won’t have any shorts. Right now I don’t.

Now, I’m off to see if I can get the flash to program again….