I got the bank switch stuff working. The interrupt.c wasn’t hooking up to the membank.c ISR. So it was naturally doing the bankSwitch, but not the bankSwitchAndJump. Once it was properly hooked up, it started working. Now I can load an image into a flash bank and jump to it. That will be useful.

I also am puzzled that my communication seems so slow. Indeed, when the UART starts to send, it takes 3.2ms before it starts to send the next byte. The interrupt is asserted almost immediately after the send and it is quickly managed. So, somehow, I’m losing the interrupt on transmit buffer empty without filling it and then filling it at some later time…?

Anyway, I’m now bringing all my powers of deduction on that problem. I’m also thinking of not echoing gets for intel hex programming. I already have a 3 extension function for limiting the buffer size. Limiting echo is just one more such function. Combined with an assembly flash activation function call, this should make flash programming much quicker…..

Well, off to solve my problems…