I upgraded VirtualBox on my Surface Pro 3 today. Instead of just crashing on launch, it now runs. Windows 10 is still not officially supported, but so far it seems to be running. I have it running Mint 17.1. I did apt-get install flex, bison, texinfo, subversion, git, gcc, g++, libboost-graph-dev, and binutils. But it seems to get to the end. I ran ./configure with the –disable-pic14-port and –disable-pic16-port. That way it doesn’t require I pull in the PIC stuff. And it did install properly.

This is the basic operation. # is super-user stuff, $ is user stuff. Of course, YMMV. Or probably YMWV (your mileage will vary).

 1 # apt-get install bison
 2 # apt-get install flex
 3 # apt-get install subversion
 4 # apt-get install git
 5 # apt-get install binutils
 6 # apt-get install gcc
 7 # apt-get install g++
 8 # apt-get install libboost-graph-dev
 9 # apt-get install texinfo
10 $ cd ~
11 $ svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/sdcc/code/trunk sdcc-3.5.2
12 $ cd sdcc-3.5.2/sdcc
13 $ ./configure --disable-pic14-port and --disable-pic16-port
14 $ make
15 # cd ~/sdcc-3.5.2/sdcc
16 # make install

Let me know if I’m missing any steps….

Update–just in case you’re interested, the tools in ~/sdcc-3.5.2/sdccd/bin/ can be run in gdb. So if something goes awry, I have a fighting chance of diagnosing the problem.