With a lot of trial and error and some hints from one Glenn Neidermeier at http://pushpopmov.blogspot.com/2011/03/sdcc-makefile.html, who left a record of travelling a similar path in 2011, I think I finally have my code linking and going to the right place. I was using the sdld directly, followed by attempts to use sdldz80. But the correct thing is to just use sdcc -mz80. That means you lose the linker options which I tried passing with the -Wl to no avail…. Undocumented complex tools are a pain to work with. /sigh

But the important part is that it’s now sort of working. And that means I can start testing my hardware much more thoroughly.

If all goes well, it will run as soon as I load it up…. Of course, that’s not too likely. Which means I’ll be using my oscilloscope and scaring the patrons at my favorite cafe tomorrow morning.