I have now compiled all the drivers, all the C library, and the menu application. I still need putchar, getchar, maybe something connected to system ticks as that should be available in the C library. I also need to hookup the interrupts in crt0.s to INT# and NMI#. Finally, I gotta figure out how to tell SDCC that RAM starts at 0x8000.

Also, since this my bring-up of a board that has had only some testing, I need to come up with a scheme where I can know how far it’s getting using GPIO outs that I can monitor on the scope.

Actually, what I really need first is something that programs flash natively. Maybe put that in a bank of flash and use a GPIO to switch to it…. Because I can use the Arduino to program the flash (and indeed will at the beginning, but it’s not fast.

I have figure out how to make sure stuff fits and stuff goes into the right place. I noticed that some asserts are causing strings to go into memory which is likely a luxury I don’t want, though I’m not compiling with the debug flag, so I don’t know why the asserts are even being generated. Lot’s of little things with this toolchain because it targets super small targets so has pretty minimal libraries.

I also have to figure out better organization. I have makefiles in directories. I need a better way to tie them together. I’m not a big makefile fan, so I only sort of know how– maybe export vars as environment variables and call submakes or something like that. Recursive make is evil, but it’s easier than Eclipse.

And if I get sick of all that, I still have the Pygments and Jekyll stuff to work on….