This morning, I worked on coding drivers. Once the UART one is finished, I’ll be able to start testing them.

I also worked on a menu system that I will use at the beginning. The menu system will allow faster programming, flash facilities, memory dump, flash erase, bank switching, and eventually running of programs in other banks.

Finally, I got an entire program to compile and link. I’m not sure stuff is going into the right places yet, but it linked even though I used the sdcclib facility rather than the sdar archiver which seg faults when I try to use it. The map file looks reasonable, and there is a lot of data in the .ihx file. So I think it is actually linking. It has my custom crt0.s. I think I need to specify that RAM starts at 0x8000 with a linker command. But I’m close, anyway. The whole system needs refinement, but I’ll be there before too long.

I also have to get the final HW configured. That means, tying the UART IRQ to INT and connecting the timer CPLD to the SPI SCK, Din, and GPIO[1], and INT . Those last ones will be soldered to the CPLD pins and then wire wrapped on the other end. I also should solder in a ground post or two for the oscilloscope probes.