It’s been a couple of days since I posted. I’m in the process of coding stuff that will run on the computer. Also, learning Jekyll to change the way I blog (especially looking forward to using pygmints which will do syntax coloring on C, C++, C#, verilog, and, if I learn python, SDCC Z80 assembly).

The drivers are for:

  • SPI (CPLD)
  • 1ms ticker (CPLD)
  • UART (CPLD--Max3110E)
  • flash - (direct access on bus)
  • timer - (using 1ms ticker)
  • memory bank switcher (CPLD)
  • IHX programmer (using flash)

This includes ring buffers for the UART. All this stuff will help me develop applications such as a native flash programmer, menu system, debug monitor, and anything else my mind comes up with.

Monday, I’ll do my SRAM/bus test.

And since I’m starting to play with jekyll, I’ll be presenting my code in pymentized color. Jekyll is a new kind of platform for me. I never heard of liquid or markdown before. Getting it running was a chore and half. The tutorials seem to be on the Mac, but I’m running it on a linux cloud server whcih is tricky because my usual SOCKS5 proxy SSH tunnel into the server wasn’t letting me see the page when I ran “jekyll serve”. So finally, I just created a soft link to the /var/www/bricologica/ directory so that I can see the _site through I have some work to do to make it look decent and to get it running the way I want, but it shouldn’t be too far off. It will be nice to get rid of WordPress.

But, most of my effort will be on the computer.