Everything was going well. Sure, I had to figure out the Arduino connections to the MCU and flash programmer to get everything working in the final state. But I got all the connections made was soon able to read and program the flash with all the new connections (and a temporary bridge from BUSREQ to BUSACK to be removed when the Z-80 is mounted).

But then, it happened. My 2MHz oscillator is too close to the Z-80 and I can’t fit both. So I have to move the 14 pin DIP socket. There is room. I’ll make it horizontal instead of vertical. I think I have to move the reset button but that’s actually not bad since I’d like it closer to the edge.

But other than that, I’m ready to mount the Z-80. I guess it’s time to set the soldering iron to smoulder…. At least the chip only has 4 connections–2 easy wire wraps and 2 power.