OK, so all the parts are mounted on the board! Yay!

But, it doesn’t seem to be sending out ‘A’ to the serial port which is the only thing it knows how to do. Why? Well, lot’s of potential reasons… And hopefully I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

I can use the DMM to see the duty cycle of any given pin. The clock is right is right around 2.5V. The A0 line is right around 2.5 as well. These do go to 5V when I push the reset button. So, the Z-80 is doing something. I just don’t know what.

I verified that I can access the flash in circuit. So I can write simpler programs to the flash for the Z-80. Maybe start with “jr 0” at 0 to ensure that all address lines other than the first two are 0. If even A2 is 2.5V then it’s not executing jr 0 at 0 which should only require A0 and A1.

But, it’s 9:21pm on a Friday night and I had a pretty productive day. So, I’ll spend the rest of my day doing something other than trying to figure out why my computer isn’t spamming ‘A’.