Here is a list of things I have to do before finally mounting the SRAM and Z-80.

Connect Aout of the MCU to the address bus Connect CS0 to flash CE and CS1 to SRAM CE

Connect pullups to INT , BUSREQ , WAIT

Connect a RESET button Pop in the 2MHz oscillator Connect flash programmer CPLD ENABLE  to BUSACK

Pull up (down?) the output enable line of the oscillator

I’ll make sure once again that the flash programmer Hi-Z’s everything on the bus when it’s supposed to. Then pop in the parts.

Seeing if the CPU works will take an oscilloscope. They have at least one down at Metrix CreateSpace a few blocks from where I live. So I’ll power up down there.

Since I have no output right now, it will be tough to know if the processor is working properly. I have to get the UART working pretty quick and write some bug free code to use it. Maybe I should do that before mounting the CPU… I suppose I better figure out a way to get another COM port on my Surface Pro 3….