I’m trying to figure out a way of soldering in the CPLD socket without all those little loops. So I’m at my desk with my wire tools. Here is what I have so far.

Here is some wiring. pre solder through the jeweler’s loupe over my camera lens. This wiring is flat. Each wire is cut to 6 of those clad holes. Then stripped by eye. Then a bend down at one end and a bend to the right immediately followed by a bend down at the other end. Then I slip the ends in with tweezers. I do 38 for each of the remaining CPLD, and each one takes about a minute. So it’s a project for a morning. But it’s working. I will experiment with soldering all at once vs one wire at a time tomorrow. Having the conical tip for the soldering iron is certainly good.

The rest of the way was spent working on the flash programmer and also starting to look at the sdcc compiler package and what I’ll need to use that.