I had to do a little debugging to get the read just right. I was reading Dout on the wrong side of the clock pulse. Once I got that fixed, it was time to try to program a byte. So I wrote 0x3c to 0x0000. The Arduino and CPLD did their thing and returned.

I read the location 0x0000. It was 0x3c. I read 0x0001. It was 0xff. Then I read 0x0000 again, and again it was 0x3c.

So, I can program the flash. The flash is working. Another success. Now I’ll hunker down and get the C# code tip top. I need to be able to upload and verify files.

Which reminds me, I need to start coming up with some code to write to the flash. This afternoon, I downloaded so stuff from http://sdcc.sourceforge.net/. I’ll try this to write code for the Z-80 processor.

But, that’s in a little bit. For now, getting this whole flash thing rock solid is my goal.

Success is good!