So, I’ve used the Arduino development environment a little, and it drives me nuts. It keeps adding automatic closing brackets and I don’t see a setting anywhere to turn that off. It doesn’t auto-indent the way I want it to.

The “tabs” feature is highly unintuitive. Or rather, highly unlike any other IDE I’ve used. You can’t access the tabs menu from menu bar. Instead there is a tiny little unlabeled dropdown button with the tab commands. And on my Surface Pro3, it’s a tiny box. When you add a tab, a bar under the code area turns into the place where the name of the tab is entered. Also, the color contrast in the tabs is horrible. My eyes hurt. Apparently, if you don’t give the tab an extension, it just concatenates it to the main file.

The error pane also drives me nuts. The top is filled with blank lines. The pane is too small. The slider to change the size is way too narrow. And you can’t double click a line to take you to the error.

Also the title bar stays on top even when in other application. Ugh!

I have to figure out something else. I can’t use this.