If I want to be able program the flash in circuit, I need to be able to control the upper bits of the flash addressable range which means, I should disable mapping in the map CPLD on BUSACK low. Or–I need to be be able to control the MCU CPLD which means I need to control IORQ, MREQ, and M1 as well as HALT. Well, that’s all way to complicated. So I’ll see if I can add BUSACK to the MCU CPLD…..  Running out of pins. I can’t have too much stuff occurring to me….

Then I’ll make the flash bank come from the Arduino. I plan to use the top bit of the address range choose the flash.

Dammit! I just realized, I need to invert it for CS on the SRAM…..    And dammit again, I need to only enable CS on flash and SRAM when MREQ is low…..

So, I have 2 pins left over I can use. reduce the top bit from map—, that makes 3. Then add in BUSACK, CS0, and CS1. These are essentially the top bit of the mapping but only go low on MREQ low. I hope it fits… I hope I can constrain the pins….

This will require a little tweaking to the design. Such is engineering….

Update: I’m overcomplicating the BUSACK part. RESET is good enough. I need to control RESET from the Arduino.