I’m in the process of finalizing my parts list. I’m getting everything from DigiKey. Well, most stuff, at least.

That’s a Z-80, a UART with SPI interface Lattice M4A5 64/32 CPLDs, oscillators, a DIP-32 flash, and DIP-32 SRAM, and various wire wrap connectors. Also a 4”x6” perf board. Also a 10k resistor net to pull some things up. As well as a bunch of discrete 10Ks and 10uF tantalum caps for bypass.

Still deciding how to reset. I’ll use one CPLD for memory bank management, one CPLD for interfacing the SPI UART, and one CPLD for taking the bus and programming the flash.

The flash programmng CPLD will be run from an Arduino UNO I picked up at Ada’s Technical Books in my Seattle neighborhood,.  It was $35, I think. And it required a run to the thrift store (Value Village) where I found an AC adapter to 9V DC supply as well as a USB hub. These were $2 and $3 respectively. And they work perfectly well to connect my Arduino to my Surface Pro 3.

I’ll be making another run to the thrift store for more adapters and finalizing my parts list soon.