While I was picking the parts I’ll need, I took a look at the programmer. Lattice no longer makes a USB programmer that supports 5V parts.; They have an old one that connect to the parallel port that does, but who has a parallel port these days? I’m using a Surface Pro 3 and it only has one USB port!

Anyway, I need a HW-USBN-2A. Not an HW-USBN-2B which supports only up to 3.3V. Other than that, the difference seems to be the A version is white and the B version is black.  So I went to eBay and found some company in China that sells the white ones but calls them HW-USBN-2. Well, I need the A version. I ordered it hoping that the one that arrived would be the A verison.
It's only $25. And shipping from China to Seattle, Washington--a mere $4! I ordered it like July 1 and they said it would be delivered between July 14 and July 28, but I got it on July 8. And it was part I wanted.
Now to install it.
This was much trickier than I'd hoped. But for reasons not related to the device. The drivers are little old and my computer is a relatively new x64 computer running Windows 8.1. Well, apparently Windows 8.1 running in x64 mode wants to make sure the drivers have some hash in some catalog. These don't have that. That means I need to go to the advance startup options, restart my computer, and turn off the need to have this hash in the catalog. Windows can't just freaking ask me. It has to fail and tell me that either the file is corrupted or something malicious is going on.  Well, in fact, neither of these are true. This is MS BS for your driver is old. They don't tell you what you need to do. You have to find it on google.
And I did. You have to get to the Advanced Startup options. Let's see. Find the gear Settings icon somewhere,  go to Update and Recovery, then Recovery, then Advancced Startup. Then Restart. Then Trouibleshoot. Then Advance Startup, then diagnsotic or something. The whole thing is way more complicated than it should be. Anyway, your PC will restart. When it comes back....Did you know there is such a thing as BitLocker? Well apparently there is and if you want to change a setting, you'll need a 48 digit code. You can google to figure out how to get the code--basically got to a webpage at Microsoft, MS sends you a code, you enter the code in a timely manner, and MS sends you your BitLocker code,. Yo may need this. It happens I didn't because I had stuff plugged into my USB port which prevented detection of my keyboard and as part of my attempt to solve this, I removed BitLocker. If BitLocker tells you that you need to press Enter or the Windows key to enter the code, and your keyboard is unresponsive, try again with empty USB ports. Eventually, I pressed 7 or F7 and it gave me no feedback but rebooted. And this time when I tried to install the ispDownload Cable from the Device Manager, I got a dialog asking me if I wanted to install despite the fact that Windows didn't recognize the driver. I said yes. ispVM was then  able to locate the device. So, when I'm ready to program parts, I'll have the programmer ready.